Summer is nearly here and for me it’s the only time of year I really care for ice cream.
It’s interesting to think about how seasons, people and places influence our food choices. Consider that last time you went to the beach, what do you pack? Is there a reason for your choice?
Our environment has a profound impact on what food makes it to our plate. I encourage clients not to judge themselves on these decisions, but to work on becoming more aware of these subtle cues. Listen to your decision making processes and note them.
Wanting ice cream because you truly desire ice cream is different than wanting ice cream because you always stop and get a cone after the beach. Fulfilling a desire and listening to your body is far different than experiencing a trigger (the beach) and having an expectation (getting ice cream).
We don’t really want the ice cream, rather we suddenly have an expectation for it (think Pavlov’s dog, the bell means food!).
With a little practise we can break those associations. Simply go to the beach several times and don’t get an ice cream, soon we won’t have the same expectation.
I am not saying we should never have ice cream, but rather we should have it when we truly want it, and not because we heard a bell.