Can higher calorie foods fit into your diet? 
I see it daily, evidence that people genuinely believe eating well means getting ride of “junk” food entirely. Let’s be honest, that’s something that most people just cannot do long term. Seriously, if you LOVE donuts, and you decide “tomorrow I’m going to make a change!” and you decide to give up donuts for life, you’ll likely not stick with this. Of course you won’t, because we don’t need to suffer to be successful with improving our eating habits!
Before I get ahead of myself, I want to make a statement; I strongly dislike using language like:

  • crap
  • junk
  • garbage

to describe any kind of food. Language is powerful. When you eat foods which you identify with these words, how do you feel about yourself? Not good. Bullying ourselves  when we eat the “wrong” foods actually doesn’t motivate us to change, rather it shrinks our confidence. Instead, I like to refer to chips, desserts, candies, fried foods, etc as “Low Nutrient, High Calorie” foods.
So can we still eat well while eating these foods? The short answer is yes.
I wholeheartedly believe that in order to maintain a good relationship with food, we should give ourselves the freedom to have whatever we want, whenever we want (unless we have real allergies, or health conditions which limit us). Restriction may lead to binges later on, obsession over the food we restrict and may lead to disordered eating habits.
I can hear your thoughts, “Rebecca that sounds too good to be true” well don’t leave the rest of this article unread. I have created some guidelines to lead your decision making process when deciding when to have Lower Nutrient, Higher Calorie foods.
I call it The Three P’s.
The Three P_s on How to Enjoy a High Calorie Food
So don’t have the donut just because everyone else is having one, because you saw it on the counter or because you went to the gym this morning. Have the donut, because you have genuinely been desiring a donut for it’s own sake, because donuts are pleasurable. So plan to have your donut this week, and make the rest of your day balanced to remind yourself that you are in charge.
Will one bite of donut satisfy you? Do you need to have three donuts to be satisfied? Well the answer will be different for each person, so don’t worry about what everyone else is doing, the right answer for you will take time to recognize and it will likely sit in between these two examples.
Finally enjoy your donut without distraction, and get on with your life.
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