There is no perfect eating plan, rather, you learn your path to better eating as you go through trial and error. Starting is the most important part. 
I remember reading something online about Aziz Ansari laughing at himself recognizing the strange automatic compulsion many of us have to search for reviews to find “the best” products out there.  Even silly things like toothbrushes.
“Every toothbrush I bought on a hunch has been fine. I’ve never been disappointed in a toothbrush. Why waste my time trying to find the best? Have you ever run into someone with no teeth and asked, “What happened?” And they replied, “Bought the wrong toothbrush. Should have done more research.””
I thought this was just a funny observation and reflection on our world’s current obsession with thinking we need “the best” stuff. In effort to avoid wasting precious time and money on programs, products or books that don’t meet expectations we do research online, read reviews, or even ask for recommendations from friends.
I can understand! You want to finally find the eating pattern which serves your ultimate health goals. I’m here to say that your quest for “the best” is perilous because there is no perfect diet. You’ll never find it, so you’ll never start.
Perfectionist thinking is also self sabotage because you set yourselves up for expectations which cannot be met. You are a human being, you will have days that don’t go as planned and if you cannot deal with upsets (perfectionist thinking) then you will feel like a failure (you aren’t!).
Ambition, planning and taking it slow is not at all what I am poo-pooing. Rather, the idea I want to get across is this: perhaps our aim to be perfect is self sabotage because it delays our start.
So what are my recommendations?
Well, the most effective way to improve your diet is by developing habits which you can maintain lifelong.
In order to find which habits are right for you, you must choose something to change and try it out!  (More on goal setting for another post) Success requires encounters with obstacles, these are opportunities to hone the habit, and a normal part of the change process.
So check your expectations, are they realistic? Try instead one of my favourite mantras:
“Good and done, is better than perfect and none”.
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