Vegetables are arguably the healthiest group of food on the Earth. The mantra I suggest you follow when it comes to eating is “mainly plants” meaning that you should consider vegetables and plant proteins as the bulk of you meal, with animal proteins and whole grains as garnishes. So to eat well, you definitely want to be including as much of these guys on your plate as possible.
One of the most common things I hear from client is that they LOVE vegetables, but when I check out their eating patterns, often times it turns out they aren’t eating many vegetables at all, or only really eat them at dinner. It’s worth assessing your intake to see if you should add more. Heck, add more anyways!
This infographic I created was inspired by the series by Andrea Hardy with Ignite Nutrition, check out her series here.
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Hope you found this informative and interesting.
Download my pdf version here: How to Eat MoreVeggies
Happy Eating! – Rebecca