I am a self proclaimed lazy Dietitian. This means if there’s a short cut I can take to healthy eating, I’ll take it! In today’s edition of my Add a Pebble Series Lisa Andrews, MEd, RD, LD, Owner, Sound Bites Nutrition, LLC discusses a hack to simplify cooking. Remember there is no sliver bullet to healthy eating, it’s instead the cumulation of several small things which make a large difference over time.

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Just add ginger

Contrary to popular belief, many dietitians (like myself), do not spend their entire lives prepping and planning meals. While we may peruse the grocery store a bit longer than the average bear, we like short cuts just as much as the next shopper. We’re busy wives and moms with work to do, too!

It was probably a few years ago that I discovered the simplest trick to seasoning my food. I’d always loved the spicy taste of ginger but found fresh ginger root to be too spicy and less than convenient to use to grate and add to food. While buying “jarlic” (minced garlic in a jar), I found ginger paste!

Ginger paste (made by Spice World or Garden Cuisine) is a combination of ginger, fructose, vinegar and salt. It has a few other innocuous preservatives. It contains 15 calories per tsp. and is available in a 10 oz. tube or 4 oz. tube in the refrigerated section of the store, depending on the brand. Ginger paste has the consistency of applesauce and has a fairly long shelf life.

This simple spice trick can be used in oatmeal, marinades, vegetables, fish or sweet potatoes. I’ve added it to leftover quinoa with cinnamon and chopped almonds for breakfast or tossed it in my stir fry. It’s one spice I always have on hand.

Thanks again Lisa for your contribution! I find that when I’m in a cooking slump, all I need is one ingredient to get inspiration from and then I’m off to the races.
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