As a Registered Dietitian, Rebecca is a reliable and trustworthy voice in all things nutrition and food. Her services include:

  • Brand partnerships
  • Branded radio and television segments
  • Branded YouTube videos
  • Consulting
  • Recipe development
  • Media interviews (live, radio or television)
  • Employee wellness lectures

Dietitians are the only recognized and regulated experts in the field of nutrition in Canada. Partnering with a Rebecca demonstrates that your products align with her professional nutrition philosophies.

Sponsorship Policy:

Any sponsored posts are clearly marked. I only accept compensation for businesses and brands which align with my professional philosophies. Receiving compensation will never impact my decision of which brands to represent and what I communicate about said brand. I won’t endorse it in any way, products or brands which I don’t believe in, or don’t like. My priority as a media dietitian is always to the serve the public with evidence-based nutrition information first and foremost.
If you wish to send me a free sample of your product, I may or may not choose to write about it and I will always disclose in the article/blog post that I received free samples of the product. Anytime I receive compensation or products free of charge, I will make this very clear.

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