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New Year, New Foods to Add to Your Grocery List

Getting stuck in a recipe rut is the worst! To help inspire your kitchen endeavours I rounded up some recipes (from fellow food bloggers) using some of my favourite unsung heroes of the grocery store which I think you should try in 2018!  ••• Canned salmon  Purchase...

How to Avoid Holiday Guilt – Without Avoiding any Holiday Foods

Want to minimize your feelings of guilt during the holiday season? Stop binging, stop depriving yourself, by being realistic and practicing common sense. Here are my tips to avoid holiday guilt.  ••• Now this may be a different sort of article than you would expect....

Holiday Eating Mistakes you Could be Making

It’s that time of year. Everyone suddenly gets “I don’t know what to eat” syndrome. With all the articles, magazines and people sharing tips on how to avoid holiday weight gain, of COURSE that leads to food fear. Today I share my 10 holiday eating mistakes I see as a results of diet culture and food fear and how to avoid them. 

Why Willpower Doesn't Work

One of the many reasons why clients don't return to my office is the belief that they simply need to improve their willpower on their own, in order to apply my suggested strategies. In this article I want to explain why relying on willpower is futile, and how to make...

Why Compensatory Workouts Need to Stop

It's been a few days after Halloween. I've seen evidence of the diet mentality festering in quite a few of my social media streams since then in the form of workouts shared in order to "make up" for that Halloween candy consumed. Well I am firmly advocating that we...

Small Changes Cumulate to Make a Big Difference: Add a Pebble Series

Yes, small changes on their own do not produce instant results. However if these changes are maintained and compiled over time, they cumulate to something significant! Challenge the idea that faster is better, practise patience, flexibility and consistency.  •••...

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