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10 Food Items You Need if You are a Lazy Cook

I’m lazy. I like to find the easiest, most straightforward way to get to a nutritious meal on my plate. I decided to put together a list of my favourite ingredients and simple ways to use them, to help out my fellow lazy ladies and gents out there. 

Journaling: Add a Pebble Series

I’m a pondering human. I like to reflect and chew on ideas. This can be wonderful because I love dreaming about the future, planning my weekend, and examining my interpersonal relationships. 

Why I Focus on Health Rather than Weight

Weight loss at any cost will likely not improve your health, nor your self confidence. The reason being is that most individuals who lose weight, will re-gain it over the course of five years. A major shift in our attitudes (of the professional and public spheres) is urgently needed because we are not getting smaller nor are we getting healthier with all this weight loss focused mania. 

When is the Meal Over?

When is the meal over for you? When you lose interest in the meal, or when the plate is empty? Today I discuss the main difference between external versus internal cues with regards to eating and why both can be important to use to help us eat well. 

The Truth about Holiday Weight Gain

This focus we have on weight is not helping us actually get thinner or healthier bodies. Instead it may unintentionally be contributing to preoccupation with food, body checking, yo-yo dieting and eating disorders.

Welcome to Foods and Thoughts,

I’m Rebecca, a Registered Dietitian based out of Ontario Canada. I am a self-proclaimed “Lazy RD” because while nutrition is a priority of mine, spending tonnes of time in the kitchen isn’t. 

I make appearances on radio, TV and social media platforms, to communicate evidenced-based nutrition information, and “Lazy RD” hacks to as many people as I can reach. 

My ultimate goal is to help people improve their health and halt the diet mentality.

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