Do you feel like you’re living the healthiest life you can enjoy? Do you struggle to make time for healthy living activities like cooking, and exercise? The answer is simply to get organized and take the time. Here is a sneak peak at my personal “Feel Good Master Plan” for feeling great and living healthy. 
Feel Good Master Plan.
Feel Good Master Plan
The steps to build your own are easy, use whatever device you enjoy for scheduling your life (electronic or paper) and start entering in what are the most approachable and do-able activities you can achieve consistently.
This is not about perfection (read my thoughts on perfectionism here). It’s about consistency which is why this is a Master Plan for healthy eating and exercise for me. I can add more workouts, longer workouts, I can cook every day if I want to, but this is my baseline, this is the minimum amount I time I plan to commit on Feeling Good every week.
You can do this too! The key takeaway here is that it’s all about consistency – above any workout details, above what recipes to use. Consistently meal plan, cook for yourself and get your body moving.  You’re not missing the details, you’re missing the bigger picture: consistency!