Journaling: Add a Pebble Series

I'm a pondering human. I like to reflect and chew on ideas. This can be wonderful because I love dreaming about the future, planning my weekend, and examining my interpersonal relationships. 


Why I Focus on Health Rather than Weight

Weight loss at any cost will likely not improve your health, nor your self confidence. The reason being is that most individuals who lose weight, will re-gain it over the course of five years. A major shift in our attitudes (of the professional and public spheres) is urgently needed because we are not getting smaller nor are we getting healthier with all this weight loss focused mania. 

New Year, New Foods to Add to Your Grocery List

Getting stuck in a recipe rut is the worst! To help inspire your kitchen endeavours I rounded up some recipes (from fellow food bloggers) using some of my favourite unsung heroes of the grocery store which I think you should try in 2018!  ••• Canned salmon  Purchase the variety with the bone in and you've…

How to Avoid Holiday Guilt – Without Avoiding any Holiday Foods

Want to minimize your feelings of guilt during the holiday season? Stop binging, stop depriving yourself, by being realistic and practicing common sense. Here are my tips to avoid holiday guilt.  ••• Now this may be a different sort of article than you would expect. I'm not going to give condescending tips on how to…

Holiday Eating Mistakes you Could be Making

It's that time of year. Everyone suddenly gets "I don't know what to eat" syndrome. With all the articles, magazines and people sharing tips on how to avoid holiday weight gain, of COURSE that leads to food fear. Today I share my 10 holiday eating mistakes I see as a results of diet culture and food fear and how to avoid them.